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Providing access to resources to help you navigate the terrain of your life.  

Our Coaching Methodology
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The Vision of Destiny Access Coaching

The vision of Destiny Access Coaching is to partner with God in helping people breakthrough the spiritual structures, the strongholds, the lies and every other barrier that blocks them from understanding who they are and walking into the fullness of their destiny.  

Jesus said:The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10, NKJV)

While God desires that we experience an abundant life, there are many things in life that block or prevent us from experiencing that abundant life.  Many find themselves blocked, stuck, frustrated, discouraged or in bondage to habits that hold them back.  The vision of Destiny Access Coaching is to provide greater access to help for those who want to experience what God created life to be and yet find that there are areas of their life that aren’t working right or that they just don’t understand.

In my experience, it is often those who need help the most who are least able to gain access to help.  Sometimes it is that they are young, just out of school and don’t have the money to pay $80 an hour as some coaches or councilors charge.  Other times it is because they don’t have a car to drive an hour or two to the office.  

We are also aware of the fact many people who desperately need help are not in the position to afford what many people charge for their services.  As a result we have opted to charge no fixed rate.  To support this website and certain basic office fees, on our online scheduling page, we charge a $10 fee for each appointment.  However, we leave the exact amount that you do or don’t pay for the service up to you.  We ask that you contribute what you can and we trust that God will provide for our needs.  


    Experience / Training

    Mark Tetzlaff received his training from Elijah House, a ministry founded on the pioneering work of John and Paula Sandford.  More information about Elijah House can be found at their website: ElijahHouse.org  Mark Tetzlaff has completed the Elijah House 201, 202 training schools, the 230 advanced training school and their teacher training workshop.  Mark Tetzlaff has also taken part in the Elijah House internship program.  “I have found that my training at Elijah house helped me understand how to minister and how to be in tune with people’s hearts.  On this foundation, I have been able to use what I was taught there as well as incorporate tools I learned from other sources.  One tool that I have found to be particularly effective is the method of blessing the human spirit taught to me by Arthur Burk from Sapphire Leadership Group.  It is easy for us to talk and work on the level of the intellect instead of reaching to the heart and the spirit.  Because we are not only physical beings but also spiritual beings, addressing the human spirit directly and blessing the human spirit is a tool that I have found effective in ministering not only the intellect but the whole person.”  ~Mark Tetzlaff

    Mark also draws from his past experience as an entrepreneur, business owner and employer, and his ongoing experience walking with people from many different walks of life who are facing a wide range of difficulties in moving forward.

    Mark Tetzlaff has also written a book “Victory over Codependency” which can be purchased in Kindle or Paperback format. For a preview of the book, click PREVIEW

    Mark's Story

    What is your goal in life?  What do you want most out of life? If someone asked me these questions, I would say that my number one desire is to have an impact for good for those around me and to leave the world a better place because of my life, while at the same time I hope to find joy and satisfaction in the life I live because I don’t believe that God created life to be a headache.  I would characterize myself as someone who has a zest for life for living life to the fullest, but for me, that means living not just for myself but for the good of others because God didn’t create us to live just for ourselves.  Without relationships, with God and with other people, our ability to experience joy would be almost non-existent.

    In spite of my zest for life, my desire to have deep meaningful relationships and my passion to discover what God gave me in life and to live that life to the fullest, there have been times in my life when I thought it would be better if I were dead.  The events of life have a way of bringing even the strongest of us to our knees.  Many of the events of my life, I sought to overcome by sheer determination and perseverance.  Sometimes, these are not enough.  Sometimes, determination itself leads to places that would best be avoided and builds patterns that will later be regretted. The reality is that we cannot choose the events we will experience in life, but we can choose how we will react to those events. 

    I lived much of my life feeling that I had handled the events of my life pretty well.  At a certain point, God brought people into my life who had faced even greater difficulty in their life than I had and who had struggled even more than I did.  My immediate desire was to help them and in seeking to do so, I discovered that many of the tools I had used to cope with and survive the events of my life were sadly deficient in their ability to help others, in the way they had equipped me to help others and in the way they had equipped me to live life.  This started me on a journey of discovery.  One of the things I discovered is that God intended life to be so much better than the life I had been living.  I just didn’t know this because I didn’t know how different life could be. The more I discovered answers for my own life, the more I wanted to share what God was showing me with those around me. 

     Over the course of my journey, I have benefited from or been involved in Celebrate Recovery, Neil Anderson’s “Steps to freedom in Christ,”  “Theophostic prayer ministry”, “Sozo” prayer ministry, Heart Sync ministry, Elijah House, Sapphire Leadership Group and “The Genesis Process.”  I have sought to gean the good from all these methods as I learned about them or experienced them.  In my own journey, I found the greatest benefits in my life when I received prayer ministry and training at Elijah House, so I have chosen to use the tools I learned from them as the foundation for my coaching ministry. 


    Some of our clients have submitted testimonies for the website.  If you are a client and would like to submit a testimony, feel free to send it to us.  

    “I have met with Mark three separate times. With asking the right questions, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and prayer, Mark has helped to identify wounds from the past which were affecting my ability to embrace life in certain ways. One example follows. 
    As a child, I was punished by an angry father for making mistakes. That set in motion the sub-conscience fear of making mistakes which leads to dreadful perfectionism. Accompanying that was fear of failure and berating myself when I didn’t get things right. 
    Since praying with Mark on this specific wound, I’ve been making all kinds of mistakes in relating to people and in my hobby of woodworking. These “mistakes” would have previously thrown me into a depressive state, but now I am actually able to laugh about them. For me that is freedom never before experienced. I give thanks to God.” —- Ron,  Colfax WA USA


    “The gift of community (The Body of Christ) cannot be overstated. All of us are on a journey deeper into The Fathers Heart, learning to step up from the places of battering, into becoming Kingdom builders ‘together’. What a gift Mark is ‘being’ in our lives. A gentle, humble man who is operating in the order of his design as a ‘life coach’ ~ for he is most certainly a giver.

    “My husband and I are on an incredible learning journey as we are finally, at age 50, stepping more into the fullness of who our God has created us to ‘be’.  It is messy, unfamiliar territory, but we are finally learning to ‘stumble bravely’J.

    “God has graciously connected us with Mark, a brother who lives on the other side of the world (we live in Australia), but with whom we are clearly connected in spirit. His objective, measured, wise council is beautiful. He does not primarily advise ‘what to do’, what he does is listens well, asks insightful questions and, in so doing, is helping to clarify things, and draw out of my husband the gold that Father has placed within him. And we are all enriched through the process.

     “Thank You God, and thank you Mark ~ you are a great blessing to God and us!” ——– B&D   Melbourn, Australia


    “It always moves me deeply when I am able to synchronize with someone else. I have enough experience under my belt to know what I DON’T want but what is it that I do?
    Well, today I experienced a session with Mark and I walked away thinking how is it that there is so much joy under all this pain?  Suffice to say, God showed up and I am grinning from ear to ear. 

    Mark just makes things very easy and relies heavily on God, more so than on his tool kit which is pretty impressive in itself.
    Do check out his website. it is the most user friendly as far as booking a session internationally and his rates are easily affordable.”   —–
    Lois,  Australia



    Destiny Access Coaching is located in a region called the Palouse that straddles the states of Washington and Idaho in the United States.  We are located near the town of Pullman, Washington and Moscow, Idaho.  We offer online sessions with the hope of being able to reach you wherever you live.  If you do live in the area and would like to meet in person, contact us to ask about options.  

    Pullman, WA