God created us to live in a community.  He intended that there be a great benefit in having other people in our lives to help us understand ourselves, minister to us and be life-giving.  At the same time, people have the potential to harm us instead of helping us.  As a life coach minister, I am very sensitive to the potential for harm as well as good and also sensitive to the difficult time people have in seeking life coaching because they don’t know whether they will be safe.  In an attempt to help people discern whether or not they would feel safe at Destiny Access Coaching, I have recorded an audio clip that gives a good picture of what a life coaching ministry session with me might look like and a sample of how I would minister.  I invite you to enjoy listening and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

~ Mark Tetzlaff

We do our coaching sessions by phone or through the internet using a program such as Skype.  We can connect with you anywhere in the world as long as you have phone or internet connection and can converse in English.

You can also access the audio clip above on our YouTube channel.  Ministry Explanation and Sample